NISSIN Foods handed over its new plant in Kecskemét

NISSIN Foods handed over its new plant in Kecskemét

The well-known Smack noodles are also made in Hungary

World famous cup noodles producer NISSIN Foods inaugurated its new plant in Kecskemét, which will also be their European basis. The EUR 33 million plant built right at the old one will allow a meaningful capacity-increase in production volume. According to the company, the successful Hungarian operation since 2004 was the most important factor during the decision-making process.

Tokyo-based NISSIN Foods Corporation is one of the most important cup noodle producers in the world since 1948, supplying millions of people all over the world with instant quality noodles. In 2017/17, the group had revenues of USD 4.6 billion, employing 12,000 people.

NISSIN Foods Ltd. in Hungary is also engaged in noodle production. Their revenue saw a massive 86 percent increase compared to 2015, while the number of employees also increased by almost 10 percent.

The key importance of the reinvestment of the Japanese company is the strong connection with the Hungarian food and agriculture sector. Japanese people pay special attention to quality ingredients, so their trust in Hungary is a huge acknowledgement of the Hungarian farmers and their products.

Japan is both the most important market for the Hungarian agricultural products outside of Europe, and the most important Asian investor in Hungary: the FDI value from Japan is estimated to reach USD 4 billion, while Japanese companies employ more than 30,000 Hungarians.