Game On − Hungary and Europe in the Global Battery Race s01e07

Game On − Hungary and Europe in the Global Battery Race s01e07

2024. 02. 20.

#Battery #Electrification #Competitiveness #E-mobility

The game is on when it comes to the global battery race. We picked the brain of top-notch experts to put the trends into perspective and find out about the latest in the industry. We also explored potential environmental concerns and the perspectives of riding the R&D wave that holds the promise of benefiting from high value-added activities.

The green transition is driven by the battery revolution, with Asian stakeholders leading the charge. Hungary also has huge ambitions as our country strives to become a global frontrunner in manufacturing.

We asked renowned experts from Europe, the US and Hungary to share insights on the topic. The episode features:

  • Ágnes Szunomár, Head of Institute of Global Studies at Corvinus University of Budapest
  • Dr. Robert Dominko, Research Professor at the National Institute of Chemistry in Slovenia
  • Bob Galyen, Chairman of the SAE International Battery Standards Steering Committe
  • Péter Kaderják, Managing Director of the Hungarian Battery Association
  • Thore Sekkenes, European Battery Alliance Program Director

Listen to the full show now, and find out:

  • how Europe is gearing up to catch up with Asian competition
  • what potential the battery industry has for Hungary’s economic growth
  • what niches smaller countries should focus on
  • what environmental impact battery projects have and how related concerns should be handled
  • whether it is realistic that research can play a key role in the development of the industry in Hungary, and
  • how the local battery landscape is perceived from overseas




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