How Hungary Turns the Challenges of Transition Into Opportunies - Invest in Hungary S01E00

How Hungary Turns the Challenges of Transition Into Opportunies - Invest in Hungary S01E00

2023. 10. 02.

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Although the world of mobility is driven most of all by the e-revolution, HIPA was present at IAA Mobility 2023 with a slick booth that featured great tech from autonomous driving to VR. A piece of evidence to showcase how diverse the country is when it comes potential investment opportunities. Our pilot episode of Invest in Hungary reflects on the key announcements and insights related to Hungary’s investment promotion activity and other important things that happened during the week-long event.

The exhibitor line-up reflected well how the stakeholder landscape is shaped in the EV race. After Germany, China was represented by the most stakeholders. E-car maker BYD alone occupied nearly one third of an entire hall.

In his keynote speech, Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Mr. Péter Szijjártó also took note of the rise of Asian market players. He stressed how European car makers became dependent on Eastern suppliers that raced ahead in the EV segment.

HIPA CEO Mr. István Joó noted that the electric transition goes full steam ahead, and Hungary plays an active part of this paradigm shift not least thanks to HIPA-guided investments. IAA is a great place to get an overview of the latest developments of mobility and get inspired by them.

Listen to the full show now, and find out:

  • how a Hungarian innovation could help eliminate the problem of stuck self-driving cars in San Francisco remotely
  • why LG Magna decided to implement a EUR 51.7 million investment in Hungary
  • why BMW Neue Klasse’s IAA debut matters
  • and how Hungary excels at sustainability

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