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Siemens Mobility is going to more than triple its R&D headcount in Hungary - VIDEO REPORT

Siemens Mobility will create 120 new R&D jobs in its Budapest office in order to implement the "Digitalization of track-based transport modes", by increasing the number of those employed in this field to 169. The development of driving IT systems, operational security diagnostics, and engineering systems allowing flexible configuration of the railway operations will be implemented by an investment totalling more than EUR 10,3 million.


Automation specialist Balluff develops intelligent applications in Veszprém - VIDEO REPORT

Balluff-Elektronika Kft. specialising in the production of electronic components is to launch a new research and development project, targeting the major regeneration of sensors and network devices for industrial automation. The investment of almost EUR 5.8 million creates new jobs for 30 highly qualified employees, by which the company carries out a 50% R&D capacity increase.


Thyssenkrupp is Building an Engineering Service Centre in Veszprém

Thyssenkrupp launches another electromobility-related development project in Veszprém, where the company will establish an engineering service centre with an investment of slightly more than EUR 6 million. As a result, 80 new engineering positions will be created within two years.


GE Healthcare Invests to Start an R&D Development in Szeged and Budapest

GE Healthcare invests HUF 3.3 billion to expand their healthcare development centres present since 2014 in Szeged and Budapest. The broadening of software development activities will allow faster access to analytics data for medical professionals. The investment will result in creating 45 R&D related new jobs as well.


Continental handed over its redesigned test track in Veszprém - VIDEO REPORT

The time has come to inaugurate the redesigned vehicle dynamics test track for Continental. As a result of the latest investment, the German technology company's facility in Veszprém is now suitable for the testing of highly automated safety functions and advanced driver assistance systems, following the latest automotive trends, which may strongly contribute to significantly faster development cycle times.


Nilfisk opens a new IT Innovation & HR Services Hub in Hungary

Nilfisk has been present in Hungary for more than 20 years with assembly facilities in Szigetszentmiklós and Nagykanizsa. Now, Nilfisk is expanding its footprint and investment in Hungary with the establishment of a new joint IT innovation & HR Services hub in Budapest. The new hub reinforces the long-term presence of Nilfisk in Hungary.


SEGA to enter into a strategic partnership with the government - VIDEO REPORT

The cornerstone of the new production hall of Starters E-Components Generators Automotive (S.E.G.A.) Hungary was laid and a strategic partnership agreement was signed between the representative of the corporation and Péter Szijjártó, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade. As the 83rd strategic partner of the Hungarian Government, SEGA will move to the new production hall in Szirmabesenyő, near Miskolc, by the summer of 2021, where, in addition to the production, the R&D department will continue to work in brand new laboratories, too.


Changes in the non-refundable cash incentive system

Significant and favourable changes will be introduced in the non-refundable cash incentive system provided on the basis of individual government decision, as of October 1, 2019, according to Government Decree 227/2019. (IX. 26.) amending Government Decree 210/2014. (VIII. 27.) on the use of the Earmarked Scheme for Investment Promotion.


Continental celebrated its 30th anniversary in Budapest - VIDEO REPORT

Expansion of capacities, introduction of new technologies and making the most of market opportunities: at the 30th anniversary celebration event of the Budapest plant of the Continental Group a company pioneering and top-ranking in the fields of creating new technologies, R&D and innovation was congratulated.