Getting a clear picture of the Hungarian supplier activity and identifying the most competitive suppliers is essential for our foreign partners.

Since this area is becoming key in many investment decisions,
HIPA has a dedicated department for supplier development that offers widescale services.

Services for integrators

We offer services for companies that look for new suppliers in the automotive and several other manufacturing sectors (e.g. electronic and engineering industry). Besides suppliers, we can also recommend consultant companies to our partners that help the investment project in various fields.

Supplier search

from over 800 Hungarian companies active in manufacturing sectors and the service industry.

B2B meetings

between integrators and suppliers in order to create business opportunies.

Supplier training

for the suppliers of the company, which need to develop a specific skill.

Answers for your supplier needs

We make custom supplier lists based on your request

Related to the investment project and the operations


  • Business administration
  • HR / Tax / Subsidy / Legal / Environmental consultants
  • Facility management
  • Logistics
  • General construction
  • And more

Automotive industry and related sectors


  • Metalworking
  • Plastic parts
  • Electronics
  • Automation
  • Tools
  • And more

Services for suppliers and consultant companies

Hungarian suppliers and consultant companies have the opportunity to register in our supplier database. Being in our database offers many benefits. Companies registered here get invited to HIPA supplier events and are recommended to integrator companies in case of a suitable supplier inquiry.

Supplier training

for the suppliers of the company, which need to develop a specific skill.

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