The most modern European plant of GMD is at full capacity in Dorog - VIDEO REPORT

The most modern European plant of GMD is at full capacity in Dorog - VIDEO REPORT

The most modern European plant of GMD is at full capacity in Dorog

Reconstruction is complete in the production plant, the infrastructure has been restructured, production has started in the new Hungarian GMD Group plant. The aluminium casting plant of the French automotive supplier is now running on full capacity in Dorog. Its construction required an investment of over EUR 65 million, which made the plant become the company's most modern and most efficient site in Europe. Scarcely has the first phase been completed, and there are again serious plans for further developments.

GMD Group manufactures metal and plastic products, mainly for the car industry and, of course, for other sectors too. They are specialised in pressing, injection moulding, thermoforming, aluminium melting and casting. Nonetheless, gaskets are also made here. Besides manufacturing, the portfolio includes the design and development of car and machinery components, especially for the steering gear, the gearbox and other engine parts. The French company group, which is represented in 14 countries around the world, gives work to some 5,500 people globally. This year its turnover is expected to exceed EUR 1 billion.

The investment was executed by GMD Cast Hungary (founded in Hungary in 2017), which launched the project with the purchase of the plant previously used by the Japanese company of Sanyo and Panasonic, in the Dorog Industrial Park. Reconstruction was over by 2019, production lines and moulding sections were gradually integrated in the production process. The automobile component manufacturing plant in Dorog will be the largest and concurrently the most modern, most efficient and highly robotised unit in Europe as far as the GMD Group's foundry business line is concerned. The first investment, of EUR 65 million, will result in the creation of 240 new jobs, mostly for highly skilled professionals, experts and technicians.

The Hungarian GMD portfolio was extended in 2019–the company bought a plant in Bonyhád, where a staff of 160 are engaged in the production of leather interior components for top brands and models of the VW Group, Lamborghini and Bentley.

Underlying positive experiences in the country have inspired the French automotive supplier to propose another development in Dorog for the next year, where the respective investment of EUR 20 million would mean the creation of an additional 160 jobs.