Battery Parts Factory Development in Jászberény - VIDEO REPORT

Battery Parts Factory Development in Jászberény - VIDEO REPORT

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Sangsin Magyarország Kft. produces metal cans for rechargeable (secondary) battery installation in electric vehicles for Samsung SDI, at their plant in Jászberény. The company decided to initiate a EUR 28.8 million investment project to increase their production capacity, to match the growing market demands. The development will also create 150 new jobs.


The Sangsin company was established in 1985 in South-Korea and have two main production activities: they manufacture rechargeable (secondary) battery parts (including battery housing, external modules for ESS energy storage systems, electric breakers and connectors) and injection moulded car parts.

Besides electric cars, Sangsin EDP also delivers products for smartphones, laptops, electric tools, bicycles, scooters and drones. The company has three plants in South-Korea, two in China, one in Malaysia and one in Hungary.

Sangsin Hungary Kft. produces battery parts, including enclosures, breaker units, fuses and clamp plates since 2018, they chose Hungary to open their first European plant for the skilled workforce and the continuously strengthening battery industry segment.