Audi is to expand the tool factory in Győr - VIDEO REPORT

Audi is to expand the tool factory in Győr - VIDEO REPORT

2021. 05. 04.

audiAudi is starting a new investment in its tool factory in Győr. In the framework of the project of more than EUR 10 million, the current production hall will be extended by 3,800 square meters for exclusive series production, and the logistics hall will increase by 2,500 square meters. While retaining nearly 700 jobs, the capacity of exclusive series production will grow by 30 percent.

In exclusive series production, doors, fenders, hoods, luggage compartment doors, as well as roof and side components are manufactured in flexible robotic cells, which facilitate numerous changes, and by introducing digital solutions, they allow for the quick and automated switching between activities.

Audi has decided to modernise the machinery park and exclusive series production of their tool factory in Győr, and to expand the floorspace for exclusive series production. New special robotic cells will be installed in the expanded hall, primarily for the production of hoods and doors.

The tool factory is currently developing press tools and bodywork manufacturing equipment on 52,000 square metres, which will later be used in mass production. Additionally, almost all bodywork elements are produced for 40,000 sports models of the Audi and Volkswagen Group in exclusive production yearly – for the Audi RS models, the Audi R8, the new Audi e-tron GT, as well as the Lamborghini and Bentley models.

The expansion allows for Győr to contribute to the production of even more premium cars. Construction works for the expansion of 6,300 square metres will start soon, and the project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2022.

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