Agrosprint To Scale To European Level Thanks To Capacity Expansion

Agrosprint To Scale To European Level Thanks To Capacity Expansion

2023. 06. 06.

As a result of a HUF 15 billion investment, Agrosprint Zrt.’s brand-new automated plant is now up and running in Karcag, located 180 km east from Budapest in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county. The newly inaugurated facility will allow the company to triple its capacity to process frozen vegetables and fruits which makes it Hungary’s largest such plant and the biggest quick-frozen sweet corn processor in Europe.

Fully Hungarian-owned Agrosprint Zrt. has been around for over 30 years now in the segment of processing and quick-freezing of vegetables and fruits, and it has forged ever-thriving trade relations with more than 35 countries. Up to 70% of its products are exported.

Two years ago the company announced to set up a new processing-freezing plant of 15,500 square meters worth HUF 15 billion that lead to the current opening of the facility in Karcag. On top of the additional processing and freezing storage capacity, a biological water treatment plant was also erected, new equipment was installed and the related infrastructure was upgraded.

Production capacity will gradually triple thru 2028 to hit 35,000 tons per year. This entails that Agrosprint will become Hungary’s largest frozen vegetable and fruits processor, whereas in terms of quick-frozen sweet corn it will have the biggest processing capacity in Europe.

The large-scale use of automation and digitalization will allow Agrosprint to reach economies of scale, cut unit costs, make production more efficient and add to long-term sustainability.

The project triggers the creation of 60 jobs.

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