The most modern dairy processing plant of Central-Europe was inaugurated in Debrecen - VIDEO REPORT

The most modern dairy processing plant of Central-Europe was inaugurated in Debrecen - VIDEO REPORT

2019. 05. 22.

Péter Szijjártó at the Alföldi Tej plant  Alföldi Tej is to commence pilot production in Debrecen, in Central-Eastern-Europe's most modern cheese and powdering plant. The investment of EUR 39 million is to create 181 new workplaces in the region.


The construction and assembly works of the new plant of Alföldi Tej Ltd. in Debrecen are approaching their end. Thanks to the 4-year long investment, the dairy product portfolio of Hungary's second largest dairy company, in addition to milk, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, kephir and yoghurt of their own production is also extended by cheese and milk powder. Two production lines will be created in the framework of the investment: on one hand a cheese production unit capable of processing 250 thousand litres of milk on a daily basis, and on the other hand a whey powdering unit processing sweet whey emerging during production with the capacity of 250 thousand litres, which will also be capable of producing milk powder from some 220 thousand litres of skimmed milk.

In the new site of Alföldi Tej in Debrecen the technological areas were partially created by reconstructing the plant purchased in 2015 under a greenfield investment. During the plant construction the company increased its raw milk and pasteurised milk storage capacities as well; even 750 thousand litres of milk can be received in the Debrecen plant per day, majority of which is procured by the company from producers in the Eastern-Hungary region. The cheese factory was created by the reconstruction and modernization of the previous production hall, whereas a brand new facility was built by the company for the powdering unit.

The plant with some yearly 8,000 tons of cheese producing capacity will primarily facilitate the production of the most popular cheese of Hungarians, the "Trappist" brand. This enables the reduction of Hungary's cheese imports of some yearly 60,000 tons. Later the company in Debrecen will also produce "Gouda" cheese. The company already had several pilot productions in the cheese factory, and also started the preparations for the market penetration of the "Trappist" cheese.

The product will be introduced by the well-known "Hungarian" brand of Alföldi Tej: the "Hungarian Trappist cheese" will be sold in a round cylinder, halved cylinder and sliced form throughout the country. On the occasion of the Hungarian commercial introduction of the Trappist cheese, the company also renewed the appearance of the "Hungarian" brand: the "Hungarian Trappist cheese" received an elegant, black packaging with golden label to convey that it is a premium quality product.

The powdering plant will host the production of powdered products used in the food industry (e.g. chocolate, ice-cream and infant food production) by processing pasteurized whey and skimmed milk, and these products are only produced by the company for exports.

Alföldi Tej Ltd. is one of the largest milk processing enterprises of Hungary. The company was founded on 30 April 2003 and first was engaged in raw material production and sales. In November 2005 the company acquired the Székesfehérvár processing plant of Parmalat Hungária Zrt., which was in liquidation, then in 2015 they also bought the Debrecen plant of FrieslandCampina Zrt. Alföldi Tej Kft. has a leading place in the market of Hungarian dairy product sales. Their products are made in 100% from milk produced by Hungarian dairy producers. Currently UHT milk, flavoured milk, ESL milk, cottage cheese, cream, butter, sour cream, natural and flavoured yoghurt and yoghurt drinks, kephir, Caucasian kephir and also cream butter are produced in the processing plant.