NT Kft. is going to increase its sunflower-seed processing capacity - VIDEO REPORT

NT Kft. is going to increase its sunflower-seed processing capacity - VIDEO REPORT

kunságiThe sunflower-seed processing and refining plant of the Czech-owned NT Food Producing and Trading Ltd. is launching a capacity expansion investment in Kiskunfélegyháza. As a result of the investment the company will process an annual quantity of 450,000 tons of sunflower-seed and will thereby be able to produce 210 million litres of sunflower oil per year. 55 new jobs will be created, in addition to the existing 175 ones, thanks to the development worth more than EUR 31 million.

More than 60 percent of the products of NT Ltd. deriving from seed processing are sold in the export markets, of which the most important ones are Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Italy and France, but their products reach out even to overseas markets. 98% of the raw materials used by the company are of Hungarian origin.

A sunflower-seed processing plant of a total surface of 2,300 will be established and equipped with state-of-the-art technology in two buildings in the first phase of the greenfield investment, while in the second one the related logistics, energetics and storage capacities will be created.

The developments implemented as a result of the investment will enable the plant to process an amount of 1,400 tons/day, say 450,000 tons/year of sunflower seeds. The processing of an annual amount of 450,000 tons of sunflower seeds will make the production of 210 million litres of cooking oil possible per year. The new seed processing capacity is almost two and a half as much as that of the old and demolished plant.

The company is market leader in the aspect that they use only 16 grams of plastic material for packaging 1 litre of cooking oil in the case of 1-litre bottles. In the course of bottling the "Kunsági Éden" product, 300 tons of plastic material is saved every year.