Vestfrost strengthens its position by manufacturing wine refrigerators in Csongrád - VIDEO REPORT

Vestfrost strengthens its position by manufacturing wine refrigerators in Csongrád - VIDEO REPORT

Levente Magyar, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

New processing and warehouse facilities of the Denmark-based cooling equipment manufacturer, expanded an investment worth EUR 14 million, were inaugurated in its only plant outside the mother country in Csongrád. In the new facilities, production technology has been improved, moreover the company has created 100 new jobs incliding the field of research and development. As a result, the production capacity of wine refrigerators will be tripled in the Hungarian plant.

The Denmark-based Vestfrost, relying on over 50 years of tradition and expertise, manufactures, sells and develops refrigerators and freezers. As part of a family-owned business group with around 2,600 employees, the company delivers professional cooling equipment and freezers for food and drink storage to 100 countries worldwide. In addition, Vestfrost has a range of special solutions for medical use, including vaccine storage. The Hungarian plant is the only manufacturing unit of the Danish company outside Denmark.

Vestfrost was formed in 2010 with the acquisition of Frigolux in Csongrád. Its core business activity involves the production and sales of commercial and catering refrigerators and deep-freezers, along with their accessories, just like that of medical refrigerators. Due to the technology, which is built on a combination of decades-long manufacturing experience and the most modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, the products in the Hungarian factory are fully made of environmentally friendly materials and are sold mainly to soft drink distributors.

The company's latest investment worth EUR 14 million, creating nearly 100 new jobs, concerns the production of wine refrigerators that are deficit products but have a dynamically developing market. From now, as a result of the investment and technological development, production will be tripled, storage capacity will increase and research and development activities will also appear at the Csongrád site.