Large-Scale Developments To Propel Leading Bacon Producer To New Heights - VIDEO REPORT

Large-Scale Developments To Propel Leading Bacon Producer To New Heights - VIDEO REPORT

2022. 10. 21.

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Tamási-Hús Kft., a market leader in bacon production in Hungary and Europe, has invested a total of EUR 42.4 million in three waves to expand capacities at its site in Tamási. The investments pave the way to employ 255 new staff. 

Tamási-Hús Kft. is owned by the Austrian Gierlinger Group and launched production of a wide range of bacon products in 2007. Up to 60% of its output is exported, and thanks to a quick market expansion, by now it is market leader in both the local and the international arena.

The company effected three investments with the aim to ramp up capacities. As the result of the developments new plant and storage buildings were set up on a total area of 12,577 square meters. In addition, new bacon slicing and roasting machinery, bacon press, material moving and air cleaning equipment were installed.

Peter Schulze

Consequently, output of sliced and roasted bacon products will surge by 120% and 100%, respectively, while environment pollution is set to decrease as well.

Up to 90% of the 255 jobs to be newly created requires unskilled labor which provides an opportunity for vulnerable workers on the labor market.

As Peter Schulze, managing director of Gierlinger Holding GmbH emphasized, several different European markets are served from Tamási which is an important pillar for the company and Hungary as a host country as well. Thanks to the new investments Tamási-Hús Kft. is equipped to offer modern, crisis-proof jobs to workers in Tamási and its surroundings since eating is a basic need that must be satisfied on a daily basis.

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