Tamási Hús Kft. is doubling its production capacity - VIDEO REPORT

Tamási Hús Kft. is doubling its production capacity - VIDEO REPORT

2021. 02. 19.


Tamási Hús Kft., Hungary's top bacon producer, is expanding its production capacity in Tamási and improving its service infrastructure through a cumulative investment of EUR 42.6 million. The project entails the building of a new plant and warehouse, in addition to the installation of a set of new bacon slicers and roasters, a bacon press and an air cleaner. The developments, which are to end in 2022, are expected to create 255 new jobs.

The company's subsidiary, Gierlinger Gmbh was founded in 2000 in Austria. Alongside its unit in Austria, the company also has plants in Hungary, Romania and Serbia. Gierlinger Group is an active player in the meat industry, supplying bacon, frozen meat products, on-demand products as well as sausages and ham to European customers in particular. The teflon-based method that the company applies is outstanding in its kind, enabling the production of high quality, internationally competitive products.

The investment will not only help Tamási Hús Kft. grow its sliced bacon production capacity, but double the company's output in terms of roast bacon supply. The company sells 60% of its products abroad, and is considered to be a market leader in bacon production both within and beyond the borders of Hungary. Sliced bacon is primarily supplied to retail store chains, while roast bacon is a popular product among European fast food restaurant chains. The new production capacity, as a result of the investment, will significantly expand the company's retail and wholesale product portfolio, produced mainly for export purposes.

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